Trash Can painting!

The Millwoods Artists Collective hosted a community trash-can painting event on October 20th.  Half a dozen trash cans were set up in the Millwoods Town Centre Mall, and the people came out to paint them. They will be placed around the community for posterity – or until the paint wears off!

The MWAC is in its infancy, beginning in November of 2011, but we have no shortage of confidence that it will become a force to contend with in short order.  Millwoods is a young community in the grand scheme of city life spans (barely 35 years) and her time has come to show off how she’s growing up.

Here are two images: the first is the sketch I made with a sharpie and (Rembrandt) soft pastels on newsprint (12″x32″) and the second is the actual acrylic painting created on a 12″x32″ section of a trash can.  I didn’t get my full sketch transferred to the trash can and had to improvise a bit.  It turned out all right in the end – not bad for a trash can.

MWAC trash-can sketch


MWAC Trash-Can Painting Event Oct 20 2012





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