The Tourist

The TouristSennelier soft pastels on Colourfix pastel paper 9"x12"

The Tourist
Sennelier soft pastels on Colourfix pastel paper 9″x12″

This soft pastel painting is from a photo taken while on vacation in Nuevo Vallarta, Mexico.  It was the last day of our first trip to Mexico and we took photos of pretty much everything before we had to leave.  This is my husband Robin, making a pose on the imitation Malecon of Puerto Vallarta that was built at our hotel (The Occidental Grand in Nuevo Vallarta).

It was meant to be an “in between paintings” painting – I am working on a landscape of the Shuswap Lake (British Columbia) and just wanted a little break in the middle of painting it.  I have learned that it takes me about a week  from initial sketch to finished painting if I push myself (working day job in between) and thought having two on the go would help me not to feel in a rut….but once I began this, I just had to finish it.  The Shuswap landscape is almost done and will be posted in the next couple of days.

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