Pump Jack on Highway 39 (SOLD)

Pump Jack on Highway 39

Pump Jack on Highway 39  SOLD
Lorraine Young
Sennelier soft pastels on Pastel Card 12″ x 15″

This is the last of the Highway 39 paintings.  I am looking forward to spring (if it ever gets here!) so I can start doing some plein air painting –  we are hoping to do some day-trips around the province, too.  I’d love to find and paint more of the rural Orthodox churches in our area and explore around Athabasca, where my grandparents first settled in the 1920s.

I also want to say that I’m very excited to have the opportunity to show a few of my paintings!  On April 18th, I along with several other artists in the Millwoods Artists Collective will hang some of our work at the Koffee Cafe in preparation for the April 25th Glass Door Reading event.  They will stay up for one month (I believe), and will be for sale.

And on April 27th, I will be signing up for my first Art Walk, which will take place July 12 – 14 in Edmonton’s Old Strathcona district on Whyte Avenue.  For too many years, I have told myself “Not this year, maybe next,” and this is finally the year when I will brave-up and just do it.

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2 Responses to Pump Jack on Highway 39 (SOLD)

  1. Thank you Robin! I am thinking that I will use this image and some of the other Highway 39 images for Christmas greeting cards.

  2. ray4115 says:

    This is SO evocative – it reminds me of a Currier & Ives Christmas print – except this is a place I have been and seen! I love your barns and that touch of red on the pump-jack is special too!

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