Red Shoes

Red Shoes

Red Shoes  SOLD
Lorraine Young
Sennelier soft pastels on sanded pastel card
9″ x 12″


Last summer I got these red shoes with a cork wedge heel.  Awesome.    The coolest thing about this painting is that it works hanging from any one of the four sides, and each perspective makes it a very different composition.  Of course.  When it’s framed, I’m going to have the wires done so it can be hung on any side  and rotated, depending on the mood of the buyer (or me, until then).

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1 Response to Red Shoes

  1. ray4115 says:

    I love this painting. What is very cool about it is that when it is rotated it seems to change aspects other than perspective – like time of day, sense of purpose, it is an interesting piece of art.

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