Albas Falls, Shuswap Lakes B.C.

Albas Falls, Shuswap Lakes B.C. Sennelier soft pastels on sanded pastel paper 7" x 17"  $230

Albas Falls, Shuswap Lakes B.C.
Sennelier soft pastels on sanded pastel paper
7″ x 17″


I haven’t figured out how to edit my gallery page yet and I’ve had inquiries as to why I don’t have prices on my paintings, so I’ve decided as of now to add prices directly when I add photos of my art to the latest post.

I’m really excited right now – first because I finished this painting, and that’s always a great feeling! but also because earlier this evening I dropped off seven of my pastel paintings for the upcoming Dusxbury Road Gallery Gala and pop up gallery show for next weekend (June 21 – 23). I met Robin Light, who is organising this great event and her strength grace under this kind of pressure is impressive.  She’s such a talented artist in her own right, and for her to take on this task is in my eyes just amazing.

This painting (Albas Falls) was not ready for the Duxbury Road Gallery weekend, but it will be available and for sale during Art Walk in only a few weeks.  Am I nervous about my first Art Walk?  Oh, yes I am, and I am really grateful that the Paint Spot is doing a first-timers workshop next Saturday (June 22), because I’ll be there trying to learn everything I can! I’m such a newbie!

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2 Responses to Albas Falls, Shuswap Lakes B.C.

  1. We look forward to working with you.

  2. ray4115 says:

    You may be a noob at the gallery/showing part of your art, but obviously your skill and talent are mature as fine wine.

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