First Gallery Show

Mercer Tavern Building

Mercer Tavern Building
Duxbury Road Gallery
(My first gallery showing)
June 21 through 23 2013)



I am so excited to be part of the Duxbury Road Gallery (pop up) coming up this weekend!  This will be my first gallery show, and I am thrilled to be part of this fantastic local grassroots movement to develop a gallery of local artists offering affordable original art.   Check out my Upcoming Events Page to find out more.

This has been a very fast-paced 6 months for me since my decision to become a “professional” artist.  It means, for me, taking what I do seriously – so much more than ‘just a hobby’, and doing something about that decision.   I have a day job like the vast majority of artists do, and mine isn’t even close to being related to the arts. A lot of “resistance” is going on in my personal life but I am still trying to persevere.  I have family and friends whose lives impact mine every moment, and some of those moments aren’t necessarily happy or positive ones.

Especially in these early stages, it’s very much a balancing act to stay on top of everything going on, and I am the first to admit there have been some broken plates and hurt feelings.  But I think I’ve started off all right, and I think I’ve made the right decisions to move ahead with my art. I’m going to look into making prints of some of my work – in my research travels, I’ve heard good things about making prints of original art.  (And who doesn’t have a print of a favourite piece of art somewhere in their home or office?)  It’s another step into the future.



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