On the Pub Patio (SOLD)

On the Pub Patio Lorraine Young soft pastels on pastel card 15" x 12"

On the Pub Patio   SOLD
Lorraine Young
soft pastels on pastel card
15″ x 12″

ON THE PUB PATIO   (first of a planned 6 painting series) will be available for sale at the WHYTE AVENUE ART WALK, July 12 through July 14 2013.  It’s my most ambitious painting to date!

This composition is based on at least three photographs (of hundreds) that I took several years ago at the “FatBoyz Farewell Reunion” when the doors of our “local” pub closed for the last time.  FatBoyz had gone through a few incarnations since it actually closed under that name, and for the most part, the same people frequented the pub under its new names (Orlando’s 3 and Overdrive Pub). In this painting, I have included a “special celebrity guest” at the table who most certainly would not have been there, being dead for well over a hundred years!  (A fun little quirk I’ll continue for future paintings in the series.)

When the building was sold, and the announcement made that it would be demolished, a farewell reunion was planned and held for patrons who had known the pub by all its various names.

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4 Responses to On the Pub Patio (SOLD)

  1. Linda Bruce says:

    I see the master sitting there!

  2. Yes it was Overdrive. Thanks for the heads up! I changed it 😉

  3. ray4115 says:

    This is a GREAT painting – very reminiscent of The Boating Party…I love it.

    I think it was Overdrive not O2. O2 is still open and active…

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