Winter Night at Jackie Parker Park painting (and 2013 brief review)

2013 was a huge year for me artistically.

Technically it began in the late summer of 2012 when I first read Stephen Pressfield’s books The War of Art and Turning Pro.   Those profoundly ass-kicking books woke me up from an artistic stupor and, combined with Quinn MacDonald’s gentler advice to choose a “Word for the New Year“, they led me to make 2013  a year of change, progress and difference both artistically and personally.

My Word for 2013 was “Persevere“.  I chose it with an eye to exploring, learning and creating as much as I could, as part of taking my first baby steps into the world of the professional artist.

In 2013 I created nearly 50 finished works of art of which I am very proud (and another 50 or more that could be called “just practice”). Many of the finished pieces are not for sale and several more were painted since I last attended an artist-run venue, and I sold four at the three I participated in.

But selling a few paintings wasn’t my goal. Participating in the event(s) was my goal.  Actually, simply participating in the 2013 Whyte Avenue Art Walk was my goal.  It was all I wanted to do, my first planned step.

By a stroke of fortune, before that could happen, I found the Duxbury Road (and Mercer Collective pop up and art sale) and I took my very first toddle.  It was an exhilarating step for me, and afterwards, I looked forward to Art Walk with enthusiasm instead of trepidation.  For the three days of Art Walk, I set up my displays and tables on the sidewalk  with the help of my wonderful and incredibly supportive husband (and talented writer) Robin, and I revelled in the experience of sharing my work with all the people who came out to see local art and talk to the artists, and I sold three of my paintings.  Less than two months later, I participated in a one day Pop-Art sale and sold a fourth painting.

2013 was a successful year for me not because I sold four paintings, but because I first accomplished and then exceeded the goals I set myself and put myself in a position to show and share – and sell – my work.

I am very much looking forward to 2014!   Happy New Year!

Until then, here is my last painting of 2013  “Winter Night at Jackie Parker Park”, soft pastels on Colourfix sanded pastel paper, 7 ½” x 5 ½ ” (from a photo taken last year, when we went for a walk just before midnight on New Year’s Eve 2012) :

Winter Night at Jackie Parker Park by Lorraine Young,  soft pastels on Colourfix sanded pastel paper,  7 ½" x 5 ½ ".

Winter Night at Jackie Parker Park by Lorraine Young, soft pastels on Colourfix sanded pastel paper, 7 ½” x 5 ½ ”  SOLD

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