Watching the Winter Olympics (and wishing for summer)

Art Walk Whimsy by Lorraine Young $200 unframed pastels on pastel card 15" x 11"

Art Walk Whimsy by Lorraine Young $200 unframed pastels on pastel card 15″ x 11″

I missed posting last week!  I was working on a painting of two of my granddaughters and wasn’t happy with it.  So I put it aside for a while and turned to an unfinished work I had begun last summer while I was at Art Walk.  I re-worked it and finished it, and here it is – a sweet reminder of summer and sun and warmth and smiling faces – and great art on the sidewalks of Whyte Avenue!  

And in between and during working on the two paintings, I’ve been catching some of the Olympics.  I especially love the snowboarding and freestyle ski events – women’s and men’s – and in particular the half pipe and slope style – wow!  

I live in a seriously winter city, in what could honestly be called a winter country, but I don’t ski (my husband does) or snowboard (my sons do) but I do love to watch those crazy people doing crazy things on their crazy skis and snowboards.  That’s a special kind of insanity!  They truly are artists of a different stripe…

Cheers to all the participants in the 2014 Winter Olympics, and congratulations to all the medallists!

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