What stops you from posting to your art blog?

What stops you from posting from your art blog?

That’s a good question, and I’m sure for a lot of artists the number one answer might be “I’m blocked!  I can’t paint!”  and that’s valid.  There are lots of ways to get around that, but until an artist finds the one that works, blocked is blocked.

The next answer might be “Life! Life gets in the way!”  We all have times when Life gets in the way…

I haven’t posted here in nearly 6 weeks, and that troubles me because I had made it a goal to paint every day and to post once a week.  Why haven’t I posted for so long?   I haven’t been blocked.  On the contrary, I have desperately scribbled and drawn and painted and made marks, almost daily.  I haven’t taken a great long vacation (although that would be nice!).


Life got in the way.

About three months ago a very close and very dear family member was diagnosed with cancer – and a whirlwind ensued.  So many other things were going on at the same time… and now my world is about to complete its 360 degree turn when that beloved person comes to live with us on this Easter weekend.  She will begin radiation and chemotherapy on Easter Monday.  I take some comfort in the thought that she is coming to us at a time when we Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the cornerstone of our faith.

As an artist, I can’t stop feeling the need to create even while my loved one is suffering. I still have art-goals and plans for the coming year and I intend to persevere and persist in achieving them, as much as I can.  And as a working woman, it is a challenge.  I am so happy to know that she will be with us while she goes through the aggressive treatments she will have, and that I will be able to help in every way I can.

How will I hold myself, my marriage, my family and my art together?  I don’t know.  But I will try.  And most of all, I will keep painting every moment I can.

This is an older work of mine that expresses how I feel right now.




Old Woman and Her Cat



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