Refresh, Review, Re-do, Renew…

Jasper Alley  soft pastels 6" x 4"   $125 unframed

Jasper Alley soft pastels 6″ x 4″ $50  unframed

I took a second look at an old painting, went back to the source photo and made a second painting based on them…. Here is my newest version of Jasper Alley, a different take with a different palette.  I’ll have both versions for sale at this summer’s Whyte Avenue Art Walk (July 11-13).

I’ve been struggling to stay on top of things, and have been working on a new painting (tentatively titled “Newcastle Blues Jam”) for almost a month now and am just getting bogged down!  I’m afraid the few minutes here and there that I have just aren’t working for me or for the painting.   It’s close to being done, but I just can’t seem to get a grip on the finish…

I hope to finish the Blues Band painting this weekend, but until then I’ve put it aside with the hope that a break will be good for both of us!

About Lorraine Young

Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Artist. Always an artist.
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2 Responses to Refresh, Review, Re-do, Renew…

  1. Thank you Robin! I like your “whiff of abstraction” phrase! 🙂

  2. ray4115 says:

    I really like this version – rougher but brighter than the previous one. This feel like the mountain town but with a whiff of abstraction that blends nicely with the composition.

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