Blues Jam Sunday Afternoon SOLD

"Blues Jam"  soft pastels Lorraine Young  8 ½" x 11"  on Canson mi-teintes  $200 unframed

“Blues Jam” soft pastels Lorraine Young 8 ½” x 11″ on Canson mi-teintes  SOLD

Every now and again (and not often enough) we like to go to the blues jam at the Newcastle Pub or Blues on Whyte at the Commercial Hotel on a Sunday afternoon.  It’s a chance to meet up with friends over a pint or two and hear to some good blues.  This painting is based on a photo taken in January at the Newcastle Pub in Edmonton.  I can almost hear the music…



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2 Responses to Blues Jam Sunday Afternoon SOLD

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  2. ray4115 says:

    I love the feeling this engenders. It could be any blues bar anywhere in the world at any time of day or night and I can smell stale tobacco smoke and hear the clink of glasses and the low murmur of the crowd as the band sets up getting ready to make us smile or cry depending on the tune they pick. Lovely colours and layout – the three dimensionality of this is great as is the sense that we are seeing the band in the moment before they begin – it has a sense of becoming…or beginning..

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