“Stiltwalkers at the Faire”

"Stiltwalkers at the Faire" soft patels on Canson Mi Teintes Touch 7" x 10" $185 unframed

“Stiltwalkers at the Faire” soft patels on Canson Mi Teintes Touch 7″ x 10″  $175 framed

Last summer we attended an outdoor showing of The Princess Bride at Sir Winston Churchill Square downtown.  (Love that film!)   We arrived downtown with our camp chairs at 7:00 p.m., and good thing we got there so early because the square filled up fast!  While we waited for the sun to go down so the film could start (about 10:00) we were entertained by a few Knights from the local society for creative anachronism society, lots of folks in Princess Bride costumes, and these two fellows decked out in medieval finery, strolling about on stilts.

I got a good shot of them and used that photo, along with another picture I took also last summer when we ran into a group of live-action role-players who had set up their tournament tent in Jackie Parker near our house, for the composition for this painting.

I really enjoyed painting this one on the black Canson Mi-teintes Touch sanded paper I found a few days ago at Colours, a local art supply store I don’t go to often enough.

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2 Responses to “Stiltwalkers at the Faire”

  1. ray4115 says:

    This is a lovely rich and colourful, whimsical picture. It made me smile.

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