“Slack-lining” – pastel painting

'Slacklining'   Lorraine Young pastels on Vellum paper 9 ½" x 13"

‘Slacklining’ Lorraine Young pastels on Vellum paper 9 ½” x 13″  NFS

Slack-lining:  kind of like tight-rope walking but with the line relatively low to the ground  and relatively slack.   You can tie a slack-line between any two posts or poles or trees and whether you’re by yourself or with a group of friends, exercise in the form of a fun physical challenge is just a step away.  Literally.

A few summers ago my sons were very much into Slack-lining and spent many an afternoon after work with the slack-line strung between the trees on the island in our cul-de-sac.  They had it with them when they went on a brother-bonding/camping road trip a few years ago.  They met up in Las Vegas, travelled to California for some world-class rock-climbing and then continued up through British Columbia before heading back to Edmonton. This painting is based on a photo taken by one of my younger sons of their oldest brother.

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