After Art Walk weekend (recovery)

Last weekend was the 2014 Whyte Avenue Art Walk, and I had a new location this year.  The painting I began at my booth in front of the Blues on Whyte sits on my easel, waiting with my open pastel box for me to come back and finish it.  I look at it and think, it only needs another hour or two, maybe…I’ll get back to it soon!  But I don’t seem to have the energy.   I haven’t recovered yet from the energy it took to

  • prepare for the 3-day weekend event
  • work all weekend at my booth and then
  • return to work at my day-job the week afterward

But the weekend is here again, and I am positive that by tonight or tomorrow for sure, I’ll have recovered enough energy to finish the painting and maybe even start a new one!   In the meantime, here are a few photos:


Out front of the Blues On Whyte, Art Walk 2014


Artist Paul Cochrane, out front of the Commercial Hotel, Art Walk 2014


Looking West down Whyte Avenue, Art Walk 2014


The Commercial Hotel, Whyte Avenue, Blues on Whyte, Art Walk 2014


Robin, enjoying a cold beverage in the window at Blues on Whyte, Art Walk 2014


Cairo Club in the Dominion Hotel across the street, Art Walk 2014

Whyte Avenue Art Walk 2014

Looking East on Whyte Avenue from the Commercial Hotel, Art Walk 2014



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2 Responses to After Art Walk weekend (recovery)

  1. ray4115 says:

    A great weekend of Art on the Avenue – again. Sun, warmth, suds, and you, showing the world how to create stunning art with soft pastel.

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