A Room of One’s Own or a corner in a shared space?

I’ve seen and drooled over images of other artists’ studios and dreamed of having such a space to work and learn and play and create.   Here’s a picture of my “studio”, the place – the space – where my pastels and I make art.  Sometimes, it might as well be (as they say) “Grand Central Station”.

A Space of One's Own - my tiny studio in a shared space

A Space of One’s Own – my tiny studio in a shared space

‘A room of one’s own’ is a luxury many – even most – artists do not have.  But that doesn’t have to be an excuse for not creating.  From childhood, through adulthood, motherhood and now grand-motherhood, I have always had to create in shared spaces.  I had to learn a long time ago how to tune out the world around me in order to focus on my creative projects.  And the people who share my creative space had to learn that while I might appear to be present physically, my mind and my body are focused on the art-work at hand.

My current dedicated “studio” is in a corner of our living room, 5 ½ feet wide x 5 feet deep with a built-in book shelf tucked in behind for my art books and some supplies. It’s where we also relax after work, watch TV, usually have supper, and entertain.  My drawing and pastel papers are stored in a 5-drawer architect’s cabinet (bought used and for cheap!) that doubles as our TV stand.  After all these years, and with retirement from my “day-job” approaching, I still dream of having a real studio, a ‘room of my own’.   I’m just not sure I could work in that kind of isolation!





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2 Responses to A Room of One’s Own or a corner in a shared space?

  1. ray4115 says:

    The problem with being a cat, is that, while you are fine being on your own, if something was going on in another room, like a movie or a conversation, you would be irresistibly drawn to find out what was going on, thus destroying your concentration and perhaps deflecting your from your creation!

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