What a month! One portrait finally finished!

It’s been a brutal month, and I’ve been able to paint very little – but I have managed to finish the portrait of Teo.

I had thought that they’d all be done the week or so after Easter, but fate decided otherwise.  Firstly, due to a leak in the ensuite shower of our 37 year old, un-renovated house, and a rotten floor beneath it, we had to begin a bathroom renovation that turned into (as they always do, I hear) something more massive than expected.   That began the Tuesday after Easter Sunday and is ongoing.

That same week, my husband went for knee surgery.  That surgery went well, but within a few days, an unrelated infection developed that quickly became very serious indeed.  A trip to the doctor led to an emergency room referral where, after many hours he was finally seen by a physician and admitted.  A second surgery in one week resulted after a massive antibiotic treatment.  He’s been home for almost two weeks now and while he’s not fully recovered, he’s doing well.  It’s been difficult for him to rest well because of the work going on in the bathroom – noise, dust, etc. but he has been able to doze off and on, on the living room couch (surrounded by a new toilet, sink and vanity and various odds and ends and tools).   And in the meantime, I’ve been grabbing minutes here and there to work on the portraits.  Here is Teo, finished.

Teo, soft pastels on Wallis paper, 8 1/2" x 11" , Lorraine Young (commissioned)

Teo, soft pastels on Wallis paper, 8 1/2″ x 11″ , Lorraine Young (commissioned)


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