Cohiba Sunset, a pastel painting and a memory of Cuba

The portraits of Danica, Teo and Noah were very well received by my client and by all accounts, the parents who received them as Mother’s Day gifts were thrilled!  That makes me very happy!   🙂

I’ve finished “Cohiba Sunset” (and also another that’s been on hold for close to a year now, “The Costume Party”).   I wanted “Cohiba Sunset” to have the feel of a remembrance of Cuba that evokes a kind of romanticism about this little communist nation, surviving if not thriving, in a literal sea of capitalism.   I love Cuba: its people, its culture, its heritage and its history (except for the part where the Spanish literally annihilated the native population 500 years ago).  It’s a strong, independent island nation that does not want to be under any other country’s (the U.S.) thumb, a nation that fought very hard for that independence, and is not like its poorer, struggling Caribbean neighbours because of that. Then again, there are not many Cubans who would find themselves in this picture.  Here is Cohiba Sunset:

"Cohiba Sunset" __Lorraine Young.  Soft pastels on Mi-teintes Touch, 20" x 29"   $600 unframed.

“Cohiba Sunset” __Lorraine Young. Soft pastels on Mi-teintes Touch, 20″ x 29″ $600 unframed.

About Lorraine Young

Wife. Mother. Grandmother. Artist. Always an artist.
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