Happy (Belated) New Year and Art Walk is Coming Soon!

I didn’t participate in any art events last year (see previous couple of blog posts) and am planning to do only two this year.  I’ll be at the Whyte Avenue Art Walk in front of the Scotia Bank a couple of doors down from Tim Horton’s (back on the street this year to avoid the laborious tent-setting-up and hauling process).  Hope to see you there, Friday July 7, all day Saturday July 8, and Sunday July 9 (afternoon only).   I’ll also be at the Strathearn Art Walk on Saturday September 9 on beautiful Strathearn Drive overlooking the river valley, the prettiest location for an art walk event in the city!  My 2016 paintings will be available for purchase, and some newer work as well.

I’m slowly getting back on track and finally finished a painting I’ve been working on for months. About nine of them.  If I count from the time I first set up and photographed the composition, it’s been closer to two years.  (It’s been a real challenge. I like to work quickly and tend to take at the very most a few days to complete a painting, whether in pastels or other media, and often only hours.)   It was inspired by the classic style known as “Veritas” or “Momento Mori”, with a little modern twist thrown in.  (If you’re familiar with The Game of Thrones books or TV series, you’ll recognise the reference.)

Until next time, here is “Still Life With Skulls”:

"Still Life With Skulls" (c) Lorraine Young 2017 acrylics on canvas

“Still Life With Skulls” (c) Lorraine Young 2017 acrylics on canvas  16″x20″  $300


Thanks for sticking around!



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2 Responses to Happy (Belated) New Year and Art Walk is Coming Soon!

  1. ray4115 says:

    You already know I love this picture. Seeing it online just adds to the appreciation I have for it, your talent and your persistence. Good Job! 😉

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