Artist in Mourning

Many of you already know why, but for those who don’t, I apologise for not posting sooner to explain this latest long absence.  My beloved husband Robin, who struggled so very valiantly with lymphoma over the past year and a half, lost the fight on July 13 2017.  For over a month before then (only a couple of weeks after my last post) the battle raged from his hospital bed.  It’s now been just two and half months since he died, and I felt it was time to let you know.

I obviously did not make it to the Whyte Avenue Art Walk this year, nor the Strathearn Art Walk.  Robin was not only my biggest supporter and fan, he was my framer, my art-festival assistant and all ’round go-to-guy.  Of course, that doesn’t even cover the fact that he was in all ways the love of my life.  I miss him something awful.

We met when we were both beginning our writing careers, in a great writers’ group we called Allison’s Kydds.  We had great plans to write novels and short stories together, and we came close to succeeding, but honestly, there’s probably nothing worse than two writers being married to each other trying to collaborate on a work (haha).  I turned to my other love, art, and we both were very very happy.  I was also his first reader and brutal editor, and he was my favourite model.  I think that was part of our success story.

I don’t know when I’ll get back to the easel, but I hope by the end of this year I’ll have at least tried to work again…

Thank you for reading this far.





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3 Responses to Artist in Mourning

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  2. Anonymous says:

    Best of luck to you Lorraine and so sorry for the loss of your husband.

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